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Specific Questions for the International Championship:

1: How do I know if I have qualified to participate in the International Level?

You may browse our website to know your results. You have to login with your CIN (Candidate Identification Number) to check your result. You will also receive certificates and admit cards for the Inter School level through your school. Your school will also be intimated about the results. Participating Schools can also login to view the results.

2: How do I type in my CIN?

Please type your CIN without providing spaces between the first two alphabets and the number given in you admit card.

3: How do I register for the International Prelims?

You have to register online on our website . You have to login using your CIN for registering. After successful registration, you will be able to print out a TRN. While registering, you will also be asked to update your profile.

4: Is updating my profile very essential?

Updating the profile is very important as it enables us to get your complete information. We will be able to forward all future communications to you only if we have these details. Please don’t forget to fill your mobile number and also your email address.

5: What is TRN?

TRN is the Temporary Registration Number and also is the proof of online registration.

6: Is my registration over if I get the TRN?

No. To complete the registration, you have to remit the registration fee along with the TRN slip at the nearest MaRRS office or its associates.

7: How do I pay the registration fee?

The registration fee may be paid by way of Demand Draft or Postal Order in favor of MaRRS Intellectual Services (P) Ltd payable at Edapally/Ernakulum. DD may be sent to MaRRS Intellectual Services (p) Ltd, *Building Number V/610 A1, Unichira, Thrikkakara P.O, Pin-682021, ERNAKULAM DIST, KERALA*. Please attach the signed copy of instructions (Official Copy) along with the DD. *Also include the TRN slip along with the DD.*

8: What is the proof of receipt of my payment?

Once we receive your payment at our office and confirm the same on the web, you will be able to print out a PRN slip. The PRN slip is the proof of receipt of registration fee.

9: What is PRN?

PRN is Permanent Registration Number. It is a proof of the receipt of your payment.

10: When will I be able to take a printout of the PRN?

You can take a printout within 10 days of the receipt of your payment at our or associates office.

11: Should I carry the PRN to the venue of the competition?

Yes. PRN is your proof of registration for the competition. Hence you should compulsorily carry it to the venue of the competition. You should produce this along with the admit card at the registration counter.

12: Can I pay in cash?

No. Cash payment will not be accepted at the venue or before the event.

13: What are the rounds of the written part of the competition?

The written round for category 1 & 2 contains:
 Dictation
 Identify the correct spelling
 Word application
 Complete the sentence
 Picture crossword
 Suprasegmental Round
 Phrasal verbs

Written rounds from cat3 to cat6:
- Dictation
- Jumbled Letters
- Word Application
- Complete the idioms
- Crossword
- Suprasegmental Round
- Phrasal verbs

14: When do we get to know the results of the written rounds of the competition?

The results of the written rounds will be published within 2 weeks after the competition is conducted.

15: How do we get the results?

The results will be published in this website. Log-in using your CIN. You will get to know whether you are qualified for the oral round of the International Championship.

16: What do I do if I’m qualified?

You may register for the International Orals.

17: How do I practice for the International finals?

You may buy any of the books published specifically for the Spelling bee contest. It is available either from MaRRS or our associates’ .You may also download the preparatory material from the website.

18: When will be the Oral Round of the International Championship?

The Oral Round is conducted after the result of the written round is declared. The exact dates for the Oral Round will be declared on this website. Normally the oral rounds are conducted in the month of December.

19: What are the rounds for the Orals?

Spell it –Orally spelling the word given to you.
Pronunciation- Identifying the words from the IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet), Spell the word, and also indicate the meaning.
Synonyms & Antonyms: provide a synonym for the word given starting with the letter indicated. Spell the synonym and also provide an antonym for the Synonym given by the participant. The participant also has to spell the Antonym.
Word Origin: In this round, ten words will be shown in a slide show. The student has to tell from which language each word originated as well as the original word. For eg. Miniature — Italian — “miniatura”.

20: Does everybody who qualifies participate in both these rounds?

Yes. Everyone participates in the three Oral rounds.

21: How is the “Spell it” round conducted?

Every participant is given a batch of 5 words in order. If they spell 4 out of 5 words given correctly, they are given the next batch of another 5 words. Here again if they spell 4 words correctly, the get the 11th word. From the 11th word onwards, it’s a Knock out. The participant goes out of the round immediately on making a mistake.

From Interschool championship onwards, computer with headphones and talking dictionary will be used to pronounce the words. There will be no manual dictation. Each word will be pronounced on the system thrice. The meaning of the word is also given to the participant on request from the participant. The participant is allowed to hear the word one by one. The participant has to identify and spell the word correctly. At the start of the round, a dummy word is played to every participant to check the clarity and audibility of the earphone and also to ensure that the participant can identify the word from the original British pronunciation.

22: How is the mark for the Spell it computed?

For every correct spelling, the participant gets 2 marks.

23: Is there any limit to the number of words a participant is given to spell?

No. the participant can spell any number of words till a mistake is made.

24: How is the “pronunciation” round conducted?

Every participant is shown the pronunciation symbols of 10 words in order. They have to identify the word, spell it, and also provide the meaning. The participant gets 5 marks for each of these segments. Ie, the participant can score a maximum of 15 marks for each word. Totally the round awards 150 marks from 10 words.

25: How is the Synonym & Antonym round conducted?

Every participant is shown 10 words in order. A starting letter is also given along with each of these words. The participant has to provide a synonym starting with the letter indicated for the word given. The participant also has to spell the synonym. The participant then has to tell an antonym for the synonym provided and then also spell the antonym. The participant gets 5 marks for the right Synonym, 5 marks for spelling the Synonym, 5 marks for the Antonym and 5 marks for spelling the Antonym. Thus every participant can score a maximum of 20 marks per word given thus making a maximum cumulative score of 200 marks from this round comprising of 10 words.

26: How is the rank declared?

Rank is declared based on the cumulative score of the written, spell it pronunciation and Synonym & Antonym rounds.

27: Can I see some model question papers for the International Championship?

You can download the preparatory material from the website free of cost.

28: Is any training provided to the participants?

We periodically organize orientation camps for the participants. Check the websites for the location and date of such camps.

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